10 ways to take advantage of your yoga class.

The benefits of yoga are numerous. Studies show, practice teaches, and history knows that yoga is more than a class of exercises that you struggle to integrate into your planning.

However, maintaining the posture does not make all the classes leave you with that feeling of blessing that you could eat the world. So what makes one class resemble a path to enlightenment, and another resembles a struggle to end it? Maybe it does not have much to do with the teacher, or with the study, but with what we do to get the best out of a class. Here is a series of tips so that in each class, the light of yoga shines in your heart:

1. Go to the free class of any expectations. Do not wait for the teacher to reveal the secret of life, do not wait for the other students to always leave the site near the open window for you, and do not expect your tired body to be able to hold the posture on the head afterwards of having been attending to a child vomiting until midnight. Let go and experience what really is the only truth. Going to each class with an open mind allows you to fully experience the moment instead of mentally arguing about what you had expected it to be. Face this fact: many things are out of your control. Your favorite teacher can be replaced by another, your ex may appear and sit next to you, and a cramp may appear in your left foot. Dealing with the unexpected is part of the practice. Let go of everything, so you can stay.

2. Have an intention. An intention is about the state while, not about the final result. Choose an intention, such as keeping the mind focused on each breath of the practice. This will allow you to experience the moments instead of struggling with the idea of ​​what is the end result of a perfect posture or hip opening.

3. Free yourself from distractions. Much of the yoga class is to stay focused and not let your mind chat so loudly that you can not hear the teacher telling you to take a block for the triangle posture. Try to wear comfortable clothes, not this top that you like so much, but you have to readjust on your belly while maintaining the warrior’s posture. The basis is that, if you are distracted by these small annoyances, you are not present in practice. As simple as that.

4. Explain your physical limitations to your teacher. Tell him that your lower back hurts, or that they have just operated on your knee. Part of their training is to offer you modifications so that you do not have a bad time, and do not hurt yourself because you have been too shy or too egos to talk about your needs.

5. Honor your inner teacher. Let the teacher be your guide, and let your inner voice be your guru. The teacher with a 500-hour training session in front of you is only there to guide you. Of course you can learn from him, but ultimately, the purpose of yoga is to reinforce and balance in such a way that you can honor your inner teacher. This frees you from your mind playing ping pong as far as the teacher. If there is something that says it resonates within you, take it, if there is something that does not, let it go. It is your practice. Listen to your true guru. Which brings us to the next point

6. Listen to your body. Your incredible body is part of this divine guru that you carry inside. If you care more to look good than to be kind to yourself, you would not hear the hamstrings screaming at you, or worse you will not hear them cry. Become subtle enough to detect this murmur (sometimes in the form of breath block) that tells you it’s time to get out of the posture. RESPECT

7. Leave your phone outside. Respect the time spent in practice. Do not carry a watch, telephone, or any other device that connects you to the outside world. Let go of these thoughts that take you out of the studio to put you in the office. In yoga you are not anywhere but here, then stress to know how much is left for the end of the class to reach the meeting, or ask you because your mother-in-law just sent you a message, takes you out of the moment. What is the same as: moment of yoga lost.

8. Bring your own things. A yoga mat that ritually takes you to practice can help you to enter this state of calm more spontaneously and in a more fluid way. Our mind and body automatically begin to relax knowing that it is time to practice.

9. Breathe. Simple, powerful, and vitally important: breath. On the mat and outside, you will receive more of any action or thought if you breathe consciously. It will keep you balanced, anchored, practiced within your abilities, and above all, it will allow you to fully experience the moments of practice, which brings us to the final point.

10. Be grateful. Feeling grateful for going to the studio, on the mat, and being in the moment. Your attitude of gratitude will instill in your practice with the grace of a yogi and will help you to carry with you the findings on the mat to the external world.

What clothes should I wear to practice yoga? 5 recommendations

If you wear the right clothes during yoga practice, you will be more comfortable and focused on the activity, since you will not have to worry about external issues.


Did you already know the benefits of yoga, and were you encouraged to start your journey to become a “yogi”? Then it was time to prepare to practice yoga with the ideal clothing for this discipline. The clothes you choose can be decisive in the success of your practice because you need to be comfortable, very elastic, and resistant.

Comfortable: The ideal is that you can focus on the exercise so that any discomfort will take you out of concentration. It is recommended that the clothing is not too loose or too tight.
Very elastic: Yoga poses make you move your body in a way you would not normally do, so your clothes should accompany you in your movements.
Resistant: You will be on the floor for a long time. So, for you to make a lasting investment and avoid accidents when practicing this discipline, the ideal is that you wear quality clothing.

The ideal dress for yoga
It’s not about spending a lot of money; you can look for clothing that already has items that can be used. Here are five recommendations of ideal wear for yoga:

1. Cotton or lycra pants
There are two essential things you should consider when choosing a pair of trousers. That it be elastic so as not to limit your movement, but that it is not very wide or heavy because it can cause you discomfort and imbalance.

Lycra pants or leggings are ideal for yoga. However, you have to take some points into account when choosing the perfect pants. It should not be too tight or have low cut at the waist, because the last thing you want is to finish showing your underwear to the whole class.

You can also wear jogging cotton pants to practice yoga. By having elastic at the waist and ankles, but be broad in the rest of the leg, they allow you to move without discomfort during your exercise.

2. Ethnic pants
Let’s say you do not like the option of having tight pants, and you want total freedom. Then the ethnic type pants, usually with a wide boot, is also an excellent option to practice yoga. If you choose this type of pants, we recommend that it be a Capri or fisherman type, so that the wide boot does not bother you when making an asana.

3. Sleeveless shirt or with wide sleeves
The perfect shirt for yoga is one that does not bother you when you move your arms. That’s why, if the weather allows it, sleeveless shirts are ideal. An elastic cotton shirt also works for you. Also, it will help you in case you transpire a lot because the material of the shirt will absorb moisture.

4. Light shoes
If you do a quick search of yoga images in your internet search engine, you will see that, in the photos of people practicing this discipline, no one wears shoes. This does not mean that it is your case. If you want to wear shoes, or the weather does not allow you to be barefoot, you should choose light, comfortable and elastic shoes.

You can also use stockings or socks with anti-slip. Different brands of sportswear have produced special footwear to practice yoga. These are cloth shoes, without laces, with a very thin sole and fitted to the foot.

5. Underwear
A particular recommendation for the girls. Forget about wearing a bra or bra with awkward temples and pins. Underwear is also an important issue when doing yoga, and sports tops or bras without snaps are the best options. Even if you are in an air-conditioned space or with a warm climate and you feel comfortable, you can only use the sports shirt without a shirt.

You should also choose well the panty or panties that you will use because you do not want to have a too big that prevents some movements, or one too small and tight. A thong is an excellent option. For boys, it is also ideal for wearing slip-type underwear or a boxer, which is not too tight.

Practicing yoga: final comments
These recommendations can help you to start your path in the world of yoga. However, it will be a practice that will help you determine what clothes you feel best about. Remember that this discipline, in addition to allowing you to exercise and maintain an active lifestyle, should generate well-being and relaxation, so the clothes you wear should not be a cause of stress.